January 30, 2015
The Japanese Government, under its Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) Scheme, has extended total of US$819,465 for five humanitarian assistance programs entitled:

1. “The Project for Community Bridge Construction of Kyar Yar Patty Village in Myitkyina Township, Kachin State” (US$120,952)
2. “The Project for Construction of Si Tar Pu Kindergarten in Myitkyina Township, Kachin State” (US$104,518)
3. “The Project for Construction of No.1 Basic Education High School in Myitkyina Township, Kachin State” (US$352,969)
4. “The Project for Construction of Examination Building for Radiological Department in Myitkyina General Hospital in Kachin State” (US$122,657)
5. “The Project for Construction of Shan Village Post Primary Education School in Myitkyina Township, Kachin State” (US$118,369)

The handover and opening ceremonies of the above five projects took place in Myitkyina Township, Kachin State on 30th January 2015. In the ceremonies, H.E. Mr. Tateshi HIGUCHI, Ambassador of Japan to Myanmar, Daw Bauk Ja, Kachin State Minister for Social Affair, U Ah Lay Par, Kachin State Minister for Development Affair, Township Administrator, teachers and students, respective committee chairman and members of the construction projects and local residents attended.

The community bridge at the Kyar Yar Patty village, Myitkyina Township, Kachin State was old, wooden, and had no handrail. The newly constructed R.C.C bridge with bore pile foundation and 60 tonage of loading capacity, is funded by the Government of Japan, under its GGP scheme. 5,578 people from 4 villages will have safe and improved access for their health care and education purposes. Also, agricultural products will be transported to the markets quickly.

The 300 bedded Myitkyina Hospital is giving health care service not only to local residents but also to internal displaced persons (IDP) and around 30 conflict victims per month. Due to a lack of CT (computerized tomography) scanners, emergency patients were referred to Mandalay Hospital which is 500 km away from Myitkyina Township for diagnosis treatment. Aftert a CT scanner was installed by Ministry of Health (MoH), the Government of Japan, under its GGP scheme, supported funding for the construction of an examination building for the Radiological Department of Myitkyina Hospital.

Si Tar Pu Kindergarten, No.1 Basic Education High School and Shan Village Post Primary Education School had insufficient classrooms, and the current school buildings were outdated. The Si Tar Pu Kindergarten construction will benefit 120 pre-school aged children, No.1 Basic Education High School construction will benefit 5,622 students of the school and the Shan Village Post Primary school construction will benefit 633 students of the school.

The Government of Japan has assisted 710 various grass-roots projects in Myanmar under the GGP scheme since 1993. The number consisting of 324 education projects, 181 healthcare projects, 136 public welfare and environment projects, 33 infrastructure projects and 36 other projects. It is anticipated that these assistances will further strengthen the existing friendly relations between Myanmar and Japan.