January 16, 2017

The handover ceremonies of the following two projects took place in Madaya Township and Chan Mya Tharsi Township on 15th and 16th January, 2017 respectively. Both of the projects were focusing on recovery from severe damage caused by the flood in 2015.

1) The Project for Construction of Ye Na Thar Village Monastic Post Primary School in Madaya Township, Mandalay Region (US$90,104) and

2) The Project for Construction of Prosthetic Orthotic Building in Mandalay Orthopedic Hospital, Chan Mya Tharsi Township, Mandalay Region (US$98,252).

Mr. Yuichiro FUNAI, First Secretary of the Embassy of Japan and Dr. Zaw Myint Maung, Mandalay Region Chief Minister attended both ceremonies together with committee Chairpersons, committee members of the construction projects, and local residents.

Due to the shortage of classrooms, students of Ye Na Thar Village Monastic Post Primary School had been studying in monastic buildings which were not well equipped for study. Furthermore, the study often had been disturbed when religious events were held in the buildings. In order to address this issue, the Japanese Government provided funding for construction of a two-storey Reinforced Concrete Construction (R.C.C.) school building with 6 classrooms, full furniture and lavatories. The project will benefit 456 students of the school.

As Mandalay Orthopedic Hospital owned only limited facilities and equipment for the orthopedic patients, those who need special care in the region and neighboring states had been referred to Yangon to receive treatments and rehabilitations. To tackle this issue, the Japanese Government provided funding for construction of a one-storey R.C.C. Prosthetic Orthopedic Building. The project will benefit 1,000 hospital patients annually and improve both medical and health environments of 3 regions and 4 states. The Government of Japan has assisted 801 various grass-roots projects in Myanmar under the GGP scheme since 1993: the number consisting of 391 education projects, 198 healthcare projects, 138 public welfare and environment projects, 41 infrastructure projects and 35 other projects. It is anticipated that these assistances will further strengthen the existing friendly relations between Japan and Myanmar.