J-pop Live and Cosplay Festival
The Embassy of Japan and the Japan Foundation proudly bring artists Joe Inoue, Diana Garnet and The Beatmotors to the Myanmar for the concert dubbed Spinning Yangon: J-Pop Live and Cosplay Festival on March 1 and 2, 2016 as following programs. Admission to the concert is free, all are welcome. We are looking forward to seeing you all !!

1. Dates and Venue
(1) Mini Live Show
Dates: Tuesday, 1st March 18:00- 19:00
Venue:Junction Maw Tin, Promotion Area, Ground Floor

(2) J-POP Live & Cosplay Festival
Dates: Wednesday, 2nd March 12:00 open
14:00-16:00 Anime Song Karaoke Contest & Cosplay Contest
17:00-19:00 J-POP Live
Venue: People’S Square Park, U Wisara Stage

2. About musicians
Diana Garnet
Get ready to sing along (and perhaps catch last song syndrome?) Diana Garnet’s hit single, Spinning World, which was used as the closing theme for Naruto Shippuden. Diana is a US-born recording artist whose life-long passion for anime propelled her to achieve her dream of becoming a singer in Japan. In the process, she also mastered the Japanese language. In 2013, she won Nihon TV’s singing contest for foreigners, Nodojiman THE WORLD, which paved the way for her debut album COVER ☆ GIRL.

Joe Inoue
Joe Inoue is a Japanese singer born and raised in Los Angeles, California, where he grew up in an environment filled with music and manga. In 2007, he debuted with his first single titled IN A WAY. He is best known for CLOSER, which was used as the opening theme for Naruto Shippuden.

The Beatmotors
Completing the lineup is the upcoming band The Beatmotors composed of Masahi Akiba, Tetsuro Kimura, Johnny Yanagawa, and Takahiro Shikano. Their music was described as systematically simple with a bit of an edge that makes their live performances shine.

To the young and the forever-young, Japan is almost synonymous with anime, manga, and the distinctly kawaii~ (cute) and kakkoii~ (cool) pop culture that covers everything from music to fashion. At Spinning Manila: J-Pop Live! enjoy the Japanese-flavored upbeat music in your best cosplay garb. The event also doubles as a cosplay event!

3. Inquiry
Information and Culture Section, The Embassy of Japan in Myanmar
No. 100 Natmauk Road, Bahan Township, Yangon
Tel: 01 549644-8