Invitation to Participate in “Street Dance Workshop by Wrecking Crew Orchestra”
The Embassy of Japan will organize “Street Dance Workshop by Wrecking Crew Orchestra” for the Myanmar youth as an event of the 60th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Myanmar and Japan at Uranium and Jade Dragon’s dance studios in Yangon on the afternoon of 27 January.
Those who are interested are cordially requested to submit the application form to the Information and Culture Section of the Embassy of Japan.
    Eligible Participants
  • ・A person who has dance experience (intermediate or advanced level)
    Deadline Date for the Application
  • ・19 January (Sunday)
    Submission and Inquiry
  • Information and Culture Section
  • Embassy of Japan
In case of too many applications, we will adopt a policy “a first-come, first-served basis”.For more information about Wrecking Crew Orchestra, please refer to the following URL.