“Street Dance Audition for Invitation Program to Japan”
The Government of Japan will invite 20 Myanmar high school or university students street dancers to Japan in September 2014 as an event of “60th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relation between Myanmar and Japan”. The selective audition for 20 street dancers will be held at Uranium’s dance studio in Yangon on 28 January (Tuesday). Those who are interested are cordially requested to submit the application form to the Information and Culture Section of the Embassy of Japan.
The members of a world famous dance company “Wrecking Crew Orchestra” from Osaka, Japan will act as judges for the audition.
    Eligible Participants
  • ・Myanmar Nationals only
  • ・High school or university students as of September 1, 2014
    Contents of Audition
  • ・Street dance performance (1 minute)
  • ・Demonstration of dance choreographed by Wrecking Crew Orchestra(First, you see WCO’s performance and next you will copy their performance after some practice.)
  • ・Question and answer session
    Deadline Date for the Application
  • ・19 January (Sunday)
    Submission and Inquiry
  • info.cul@yn.mofa.go.jp
  • Information and Culture Section
  • Embassy of Japan
For more information about Wrecking Crew Orchestra, please refer to the following URL.