November 28, 2014
H.E. Mr. Tateshi HIGUCHI, Ambassador of Japan, and Chairmen of the Committees from the State and Regions concerned signed the grant contracts for five projects today. Under these contracts, Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Human Security Projects (GGP) Scheme will cover a total of US$1,210,509 as listed below:
1. The Project for Construction of Pwint Phyu Basic Education High School in Pwint Phyu Township, Magway Region (US$102,769)
2. The Project for Construction of Ah Lel Ywa Basic Education Middle School in Meiktila Township, Mandalay Region (US$186,632)
3. The Project for Construction of Kan Oo Village Basic Education Branch Middle School in Kalay Township, Sagaing Region (US$115,580)
4. The Project for Construction of Concrete Jetty at Aung Bar Village in Kaw Taung Township, Taninthayi Region (US$228,775)
5. The Project for Construction of Operation Theater Building for Myawaddy Hospital, Myawaddy Township, Kayin State (US$576,753)

The students from Pwint Phyu School, Ah Le Ywa School and Kan Oo School were studying in congested classrooms under insufficient learning environments in old school buildings. The projects will directly benefit 2,636 students of the above schools and indirectly benefit the local people in Magway, Mandalay and Sagaing Regions. The projects include support for constructing new RC buildings with sufficient classrooms, full sets of school furniture and lavatories.

Aung Bar Village, located on the coast of the Andaman Sea, is the main entrance village for residents of other island villages to come to the coast for social, economic, education and health purposes. All the school children from nearby villages come to Aung Bar Village to attend high school. Moreover, in case of transferal of emergency patients to Kaw Taung Hospital, Aung Bar is the transit village for the islanders as well. As there is no safe Jetty, students, mothers, children, patients and the elderly had to walk on sharp rock and mud in the water to reach the boat. Under such conditions, the Government of Japan decided to support construction of a Concrete Jetty at Aung Bar Village. The project will benefit 12,367 people of Salon and also the local Karen ethnic people.

Myawaddy District Hospital, located in the Myanmar-Thailand border area, is giving healthcare services not only to the residents but also to the migrant workers in the area and the returnees from Thailand. At the same time, the Hospital is giving free healthcare services to the poor patients. However, the existing hospital did not have sufficient space for the patients and children. Under such conditions, the Government of Japan decided to support construction of an Operation Theatre Building for the Myawaddy District Hospital. The Government of Japan has assisted 694 various grass-roots projects in Myanmar under this GGP scheme since 1993, the number consisting of 317 education projects, 175 healthcare projects, 136 public welfare and environment projects, 31 infrastructure projects and 35 other projects. It is anticipated that these assistances will further strengthen the existing friendly relations between Myanmar and Japan, which marks its 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations this year.