27 March 2018

The Government of Japan, under its Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) Scheme, has granted US$ 272,554 for

1) The Project for Construction of Kone Ma Hat Village Bridge in Bamaw Township, Kachin State (US$ 121,957) and
2) The Project for Construction of Moe Mauk Basic Education High School in Moe Mauk Township, Kachin State (US$ 150,597).

The handover ceremonies of the above 2 projects took place in Bamaw and Moe Mauk Townships on 26 and 27 March 2018, respectively. Mr. Yoshimasa KASAI, First Secretary of the Embassy of Japan, committee chairpersons, committee members of the construction projects, and local residents attended the ceremonies.

The old wooden bridge in Kone Ma Hat Village had been used by 120 agricultural tractors, 300 motorbikes, 80 bicycles and 350 students daily. However, as it seriously deteriorated and was not passable for trucks and cars, the villagers faced difficulties to access to Bamaw town for transferring emergency patients to hospitals and students to schools and transporting agricultural products. In order to tackle this issue, the Government of Japan, under its GGP scheme, has provided funding for construction of a 18.2-meter-long, 4.2-meter-wide Reinforced Concrete bridge with approach roads. The project benefits 26,249 residents of 3 surrounding villages.

There are four school buildings of Moe Mauk Basic Education High School. However, as the number of students significantly increased, over 60 students had to study in one classroom. In order to provide an appropriate educational environment, the Government of Japan, under its GGP scheme, has provided funding for construction of a two-storey Reinforced Concrete building with 8 classrooms and full furniture. The project benefits 1,847 students of the school.

The Government of Japan has assisted 863 various grass-roots projects in Myanmar under the GGP scheme since 1993: the number consisting of 432 education projects, 201 healthcare projects, 140 public welfare and environment projects, 55 infrastructure projects and 35 other projects. It is expected that these assistances will further strengthen the existing friendly relations between Japan and Myanmar.