6 December 2018

The Government of Japan, under its Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) Scheme, has granted US$ 116,001 for the Project for Construction of Tei Chaung Village Monastic Middle School in Mawlamyinegyun Township, Ayeyarwady Region.

The handover ceremony of the school for the above project took place in Mawlamyinegyun Township, Ayeyarwady Region on 3 December 2018. Ms. Atsuko KUSUNOSE, Third Secretary of the Embassy of Japan, U Ba Hein, General Deputy Director of the Department for the Promotion and Propagation of Sasana, Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture, committee chairpersons, committee members of the construction project, and local residents attended the ceremony.

At Tei Chaung Village Monastic Middle School, the students had been studying in a poor learning environment. Although there were 2 school buildings including a religious building, these buildings could not accommodate all the students. Therefore, the students of 3 grades were studying in a hall-type classroom. In addition, grade 7 students had to study under the eaves of the building, and the students were exposed to wind and rain. In order to provide an appropriate educational environment, the Government of Japan under its GGP scheme has provided funding for construction of a two-storey reinforced concrete building with 6 classrooms and full furniture. The project benefits 286 students attending the school.

The Government of Japan has assisted 876 grass-roots projects in Myanmar under the GGP scheme since 1993, including 446 education projects, 200 healthcare projects, 140 public welfare and environment projects, 55 infrastructure projects and 35 other projects. It is expected that this assistance will further strengthen the existing friendly relations between Japan and Myanmar.