October 29, 2014
The Japanese Government, under its Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) Scheme, has extended the assistance of US$ 95,785 for humanitarian assistance program entitled “The Project for Construction of Shwedaung Monastic Post Primary School in Bago Township, Bago Region.”
The handover and opening ceremony of the Shwedaung Monastic School was held in Bago Township, Bago Region on 29th October, 2014. Mr. Taro WATANABE, Second Secretary of the Embassy of Japan, U Nyan Win, Chief Minister of Bago Region, Bago Region Minister for Development Affairs, District Education Officer, Township Administrator, Head Monk, teachers and students, committee chairman and committee members of the construction project and local residents attended this ceremony.
The Shwedaung Monastic Post Primary School was opened in 1993 and the number of students has increased year after year. Since it was opened, students had to learn in congested rooms in a monastry building because there was no separate school building. Studying in congested rooms, students were disturbed by noises and could not concentrate on their studies. Under such conditions, the Japanese Government decided to support construction of a two-storey RC building with lavatories, water supply, electrical lighting and full furniture. This support will benefit about 300 students of the school.
The Japanese Government has conducted 694 various grassroots projects in Myanmar under its GGP scheme since 1993. Among them, 317 education projects, 175 healthcare projects, 136 public welfare and environment projects, 31 infrastructure projects and 35 other projects are included. It is anticipated that this assistance will further strengthen existing friendly relations between Myanmar and Japan, which marks its 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations this year.