October 31, 2014
The Japanese Government, under its Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) Scheme, has extended the assistance of US$183,915 for a humanitarian assistance program entitled “The Project for Construction of Hopone Town Spring Water Supply System in Hopone Township, Shan State”.
The handover and opening ceremony of the Hopone Water Supply System was held in Hopone Township, Shan State on 31st October 2014. Mr. Yusuke MATSUOKA, First Secretary of the Embassy of Japan, U S’ Aung Myat, Chief Minister of Shan State, Ministers of the State Government, U Kon San Lwin, Chairperson of the Leading Body of Pa-O Self-administered Zone, committee chairman, committee members, local residents, other stakeholders and supporters attended this ceremony.
Hopone Township is situated in Pa-O Self-administered Zone near Taunggyi Township in southern Shan State. As of 2013, water distribution of existing water supply system covered only 9.06% of the whole population. People were suffering from scarcity of water due to the lack of proper water supply system. Moreover, local residents had to spend a considerable portion of their earnings for purchasing water.
In order to provide better access to safe drinking and domestic water, the Government of Japan granted, under GGP scheme, the necessary funds for constructing R.C water collection and filtration ground tank, water distribution PVC pipeline, water distribution tank and equipping in-town water pipelines. It is expected that this project will increase the water distribution coverage up to 100% in the township.
The Japanese Government has conducted 694 various grassroots projects in Myanmar under its GGP scheme since 1993. Among them, 317 education projects, 175 healthcare projects, 136 public welfare and environment projects, 31 infrastructure projects and 35 other projects are included. It is anticipated that this assistance will further strengthen existing friendly relations between Myanmar and Japan, which marks its 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations this year.