July 15, 2014
The Government of Japan, under its Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) Scheme, has extended the assistance US$ 83,821 for humanitarian assistance program for importation of fire hoses and fire trucks for “The Project for Strengthening of Myanmar Fire Services Department”.
The equipment donated by the Japan Myanmar Association for Culture & Economic exchange (JMACE) to the Myanmar Fire Services Department (MFSD) and importation cost granted by the GGP Scheme includes:
  • 1. 10 fire trucks and
  • 2. 488 fire hoses
The handover ceremony of the said equipment was held at the Myanmar Fire Services Department in Nay Pyi Taw on 15th July 2014. Mr. Osamu UNO, Chairman of JMACE, former Deputy Minister for Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Mr. Ichiro MARUYAMA, Minister-Counselor of the Embassy of Japan, Mr. Kei MAEDA, Second Secretary of the Embassy of Japan, Brig General Kyaw Kyaw Htun, Deputy Union Minister for Union Ministry of Home Affairs, U Tin Moe, Director General for Fire Services Department, Ministry of Home Affairs, Myanmar, committee chairman and committee members of this project and local residents attended this ceremony.
Fire outbreaks especially in dry season have caused damages to properties of Myanmar people and hinder economic growth of Myanmar. Therefore, it is necessary to upgrade facilities and capacities of Myanmar Fire Services Department to be able to tackle different kinds of blazes being occurred throughout the country. Under such circumstances, the Japan Myanmar Association for Culture & Economic exchange (JMACE) donated fire hoses and trucks as well as GGP Scheme granted for importation cost to the Myanmar Fire Services Department (MFSD).
Japan has conducted 688 various grassroots projects in Myanmar under this GGP scheme since 1993. Among them, 311 education projects, 175 healthcare projects, 136 public welfare and environment projects, 31 infrastructure projects and 35 other projects are included. It is expected that these assistances will further strengthen existing friendly relations between Japan and Myanmar, which marks its 60 years anniversary of diplomatic relations this year.