New border control measures (6-day-staying at a designated facility after the entry into Japan from Myanmar)(2021.7.21)
21 July 2021

In accordance with the new border control measures announced on July 21, starting from 0 AM on July 24, all cross-border travelers and returnees from Myanmar will be requested to stay during 6 days at a designated facility. Every person who enters Japan is requested to take PCR test at the airport, and then transferred to the designated facility by an arranged bus. At the end of the stay in the facility, they will be transferred back to the airport by the same arrangement. The expense of stay in the hotel is free-of-charge (borne by the Japanese Government) and meals are provided. Those who obtain negative results of all COVID-19 tests conducted on the third and sixth days from the entry into Japan may leave the facilities, but are still required to stay for the remaining period of 14 days after the entry into Japan at places such as their own residence.

In addition, those who enter Japan are required to pledge that they will not use any means of public transportation, stay at their homes or hotels for 14 days counting from the next day of entering to Japan, and respond to the health status check-up as well as location check. Please note that, if you violate the pledge, you may be subject to suspension based on the Quarantine Law, and your name and information that may contribute to the prevention of the spread of infection may also be publicized.

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