Calling Entries for JENESYS 2023 in JAPAN "High School Exchange for ASEAN –Japan and Timor-Leste"

JENESYS2023 - Calling Entries for JENESYS 2023 in JAPAN

  The Embassy of Japan in Myanmar is currently calling 7 participants for JENESYS2023 “High School Exchange for ASEAN–Japan and Timor-Leste". High School students who are interested in JENESYS 2023 Inbound Program are welcomed to apply.

* JENESYS (Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths) Program is an exchange program for the youths to observe various topics between Japan and countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

■ Date
 July 25, 2023~ August 2, 2023
 (Online Pre-Exchange Program : July 14, 2023)

■ Place
 Tokyo, and local city in Japan

■ Contents
 (1) Lectures on Japanese politics, economy, society, history, culture, foreign policy, etc., related to the program theme or specific area.
 (2) Site visits to educational and research institutions related to the program theme or specific area, cutting-edge technology, traditional industries, exhibitions, cultural heritage, and local governments, etc. Exchange events such as workshops and exchanges of opinions with persons related to the above site visits.
 (3) Visits to various parts of Japan according to program theme and specific area, including homestays and hands-on events such as traditional arts and culture.
 (4) Dissemination of information on what participants learned in the program and the attractions of Japan, during / after the program through reporting session (face-to-face events) and Social Networking Services (online).

■ Language
 ※You need to have an English conversational skill to participate in the program actively.

■ Qualifications for participants
 (1)Applicants must be High School students.
 (2)Applicants must be of Myanmar nationality and live in Myanmar.
 (3)Those who have participated in JENESYS program (excludes online programs) or other programs funded by the Japanese government are ineligible.

  ✓ JENESYS Inbound Program



  ✓ JICA

  ✓ Japanese Government Scholarship Program

  ✓ Invitation Program of JF (Japan Foundation), JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization) or AOTS(HIDA).

 (4) Applicants who have been to Japan are, in principle, not eligible.
 (5) Applicants who have studied in Japan for a long term are not eligible.
 (6) Those who have sufficient skills of English.
 (7) The applicant should be physically capable of keeping up with a busy program schedule requiring extensive walking each day.
 (8) The following applicants are given priority (excluding the applicant falling under (2)(3)(4)(5) above).

  - Those who have been involved in study, research or activities related to Japan or Japanese language/culture for over a year.

  - Those who have been involved in business related to Japan or Japanese products/services for over a year

 (9) Applicants must be in possession of a valid passport at the time of application.
 (10) The applicant must follow the measures to for prevention of infectious disease in Japan.
 (11) Applicants must commit to sharing and disseminating their experiences of the program and information on Japan through Social Network Services (SNS), etc.
 (12) The applicant must have a sufficient internet condition to have access to the online pre-exchange program.
 (13) Applicants needs to bring mobile phone and PC to Japan.

■ Application Form

■ Application Deadline
 June 8, 2023 (Thu.)
 ※Selected persons will be contacted by June 16, 2023 via email.