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Application for registration of construction companies for Grassroots Grant Assistant

     The Embassy of Japan in Myanmar (EoJ) has been implementing construction projects under Grassroots Grant Assistance (GGA) throughout the country .In GGA projects, the EoJ asks each applicant to select companies for drawing, construction and audit through comparison of quotations from three companies. However, some applicants entrust the EoJ to obtain quotations from design, construction and audit companies on behalf of the applicants.
     Therefore, we invite drawing, construction and audit companies to be registered as companies for GGA construction projects in the fiscal year of 2011. All the documents indicated below must be submitted to the EoJ no later than 31 March 2011. After due consideration of the submitted documents, we will inform the applicant companies of the result.
Reference1:Types of the GGA construction projects School, Health facilities, Road, Bridge, Hydropower, Water supply (e.g well)
Reference:2:Scale of a GGA project (Not more than ten-million Japanese yen)

List of the application documents (download)
  • Application for Registration (Form1)*For design and construction company
  • Application for Registration (Form2)*For Audit company
  • List of recent projects (Form3) *For all company
  • Engineers’ career (Form4) *For design and construction company
  • List of branches (Form5) *For all company
  • Balance sheet *For all company
  • Accounting report for last 3 years *For all company
  • Audit report *For all company