Calling Entries for JENESYS 2023 “ASEAN-Japan Students Conference”

JENESYS 2023 ASEAN-Japan Students Conference
 The Embassy of Japan in Myanmar is currently calling 10 participants for JENESYS2023 “ASEAN-Japan Students Conference”. Undergraduate students and graduate students who are interested in JENESYS 2023 inbound Program are welcomed to apply.
 * JENESYS (Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths) Program is an exchange program for the youths to observe various topics between Japan and countries in the Asia-Pacific region.
■ Date
 December 10th ~19th , 2023
■ Place
 Tokyo and local cities in Japan
■ Online Program(Prior to coming to Japan)
 Participants are required to participate in the following online programs before arriving in Japan. Online Program will be held in English on Zoom.
 ・Pre-Exchange Program (One day at the end of September to mid of October)
 ・Video Viewing (After Pre-Exchange Program~November 26th , 2023)
 ・Exchange among participants (November 7th , 2023)
 ・Theme-related Assignment (November 7th ~November 24th , 2023)
 ・Lecture & Workshop (November 27th , 2023)
 Undergraduate students and graduate students

Theme (each theme 2 People)  ※Click here for details of the theme
 1.Climate Change and Disaster Prevention
 2.Tourism Development
 3.Population Problem
 5.Internet and AI
■ Contents
 (1) Lectures on Japanese politics, economy, society, history, culture, foreign policy, etc., related to the program theme or specific area.
 (2) Site visits to educational and research institutions related to the program theme or specific area, cutting-edge technology, traditional industries, exhibitions, cultural heritage, and local governments, etc. Exchange events such as workshops and exchanges of opinions with persons related to the above site visits.
 (3) Visits to various parts of Japan according to program theme and specific area, including homestays and hands-on events such as traditional arts and culture.
 (4) 3 days conference, presentation about the results of the conference and submission of the ASEAN-Japan Declaration of Conduct
 (5) Dissemination of information on what participants learned in the program and the attractions of Japan, during / after the program through reporting session (face-to-face events) and Social Networking Services (online).
■ Language
■ Qualifications for participants
 (1) Applicants must be of Myanmar nationality and live in Myanmar.
 (2) Applicants must be Undergraduate students and graduate students.
 (3) Those who have participated in JENESYS program or other programs funded by the Japanese government are ineligible.
  ✓ JENESYS Inbound Program
  ✓ SSEAYP (Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Program)
  ✓ Sakura Science Exchange Program
  ✓ JICA (Except the program hold in AMS countries and Timor-Leste)
  ✓ Japanese Government (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT))Scholarship Program
  ✓ Invitation Program of JF (Japan Foundation), JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization) or AOTS*(HIDA**).
   *Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships
   **The Overseas Human Resources and Industry Development Association (the previous name of AOTS)

 (4) Applicants who have been to Japan are, in principle, not eligible;
 (5) Applicants who have studied in Japan for a long term are not eligible.
 (6) Those who have sufficient skills of English.
 (7) Those who are able to attend all online programs.
 (8) The applicant must have a sufficient internet condition to have access to the online pre-exchange program.
 (9) Applicants need to bring mobile phone and PC to Japan.
 (10) Passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of return to Myanmar.
■ Application Form
■ Application Deadline
 September 12th , 2023 (Tue.)
 ※Selected persons will be contacted via email.